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“Working with Castelli is always a pleasure. They do the highest quality framing work at a very reasonable price..even on tight deadlines! Finally seeing my pieces after they come back from Castelli always makes my day."

​- Shepard Fairey ​

Here's what our clients, after using our diverse set of services, are saying about us:​

“Castelli does the best work and uses the top materials. They are the only framer that can efficiently handle my projects. Whether it be in L.A., or when they have coordinated my art going to & coming from New York City, they always make it easy and happen on time."
​- Michael Gittes ​


“Castelli is fiercely artist friendly, they are the patron saint of L.A.'s inner circle artists.  Castelli's meticulous work is unparalleled, best framer in L.A. or New York, hands down.  Helpful in every way imaginable."
​- Dana Louise Kirkpatrick ​


“I love working with Castelli. No matter what problem, time frame, or budget, they always find a solution. They have continually helped with deliveries & shipping also. Their answer to anything I've ever asked is 'sure we can do that!'"
​- Stephanie Visser ​


“The most important part of any art piece is where it lives. I was searching for the absolute best frame & when I found Castelli, I knew my search was over. Their level of detail and quality in framework is incredible. If you want the best quality, call Castelli and get started today."
​- James Carroll ​


“Castelli did a remarkable job with my print project for a photo exhibit. I had other vendors turn it down due to the complexity & demanding deadline. I was impressed with Castelli the second they took on the project; they are exceptional due to their excellence in quality & professionalism."
​- Marisa Howenstine ​


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