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Shipping/Receiving - Pickup/Delivery Details:

Castelli can take your framed and unframed art and prepare for it shipping anywhere in the United States or internationally.  We are fully professional art handlers and packers, experienced in the art shipment industry and getting our customers the safest, yet fastest transit time and most affordable rates.  And if you need a local delivery, our padded van can handle multiple pieces or oversize artwork.​

Custom Crating, Boxing & Packing:

​Wood-tested crates, double wall strong boxes, custom built and packed to the exact specifications and needs of your pieces.  Multiple piece packaged crates to one piece small boxes, and everything in between will get safely packed for shipment with us.


Ship Domestic & Around the World:

​Experienced packer/shipper partnered up with experienced shippers to get your pieces anywhere on time and in perfect condition, at the most affordable rates possible.  Anywhere in the US, anywhere in the world in your timeframe.  We also offer routine truck service to New York and Miami.


Local Pickup & Delivery:

​Anywhere in the Southern California area, no need to transport yourself or worry about your piece getting damaged whatsoever.  Oversize pieces, delicate pieces, high value art, we have years of experience handling all types of artwork and frames, getting it to your destination on your time schedule.


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