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Specialty Projects:

Acrylic Boxes & Cases:

If you're looking for an acrylic encasement for your special work of art, you've found the right place.  Whether it be an important jersey, a 10-foot long piece of art, or a simple enclosure for a small statue, Castelli can fabricate a plexi box exactly to the specifications of your piece.


Canvas Stretching:

Castelli can take your rolled up canvas and turn it into a finished piece of art in no time.  And if you need a canvas un-stretched for shipping or transportation, it's no problem whatsoever.  Give us a call and ask about our canvas printing services as well.


Fabric Liners & Mats:

Give your framed artwork a more classic appearance by utilizing our large selection and wide array of fabrics.  Getting your liner or mat exactly right with Castelli's experienced fitters is as easy as it can possibly be.


Can Castelli handle your special project?  Absolutely.  We'll take your unstretched canvas and turn it into a finished piece of art - precisely to your specifications.  Or maybe you need a plexi box to encase your special piece.  Most frame shops would simply send you elsewhere, but at Castelli, we're experts at producing specialty items to conserve and protect all of your art pieces.

Need a custom-framed mirror to fill that hole on your wall?  No problem.  At Castelli, we provide mirrors of any size, even with bevels, fully framed exactly to your request.  If you can envision it, Castelli will make it, every bit as beautifully as you hope it will be. 

Custom Mat & Glass Openings:

With Castelli's state of the art machinery, we can frame with unusual openings.  Whether it's extra openings in mats, or ovals for your glass, Castelli can get you exactly the look that you want.


Sew Mounts:

Do you have an old vintage jersey that needs to be framed?  Maybe a childhood garment that you want to last forever?  At Castelli, our fitters are experienced in sew mounting and framing articles and garments in beautiful presentation.


Custom Mirrors:

Castelli makes getting a custom framed mirror as easy as it has ever been.  Flat mirrors with seamed edges, oversize mirrors with bevels, small mirrors with ornate mouldings delivered directly to your door.  Give us a call and we can get you the custom mirror you were looking for.


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